Revamped: Kenn Colt DJ’s Website and Logos Now Unveiled!

Kenn Colt’s Motivation Behind the Rebranding Process Behind every successful rebranding lies a driving force, and Kenn Colt’s recent rebranding journey is no exception. Several factors may have motivated the artist to embark on this exciting transformation, each contributing to the realization of a fresh and captivating new look. We at FEELS LIKE HOME Media Group took […]

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Five reasons why choose Feels Like Home

We are an enthusiastic group of digital marketing specialists, dedicated to pushing your businesses to new heights in the ever-evolving competitive online realm. At our core, we revel in the understanding that each business possesses its own uniqueness. We adopt an individual approach for every project, forging close collaborations with our clients to authentically grasp […]

Kenn Colt Drops “Me Siento Libre”

DJ/Producer Kenn Colt has recently released his single “Me Siento Libre” via his own label, Feels Like Home Records, now available for all to enjoy. This track is a beautiful combination of finely-tuned production skills and uplifting percussion and instrumentals, resulting in a blissful mixture of good vibes. Colt’s “Me Siento Libre” is a high-energy, […]