Kenn Colt’s new single ‘Chan Chan’

In our February edition, we are excited to put the spotlight on one of our dearest clients, Kenn Colt, as he gears up for the release of his mesmerizing version of “Chan Chan,” an iconic piece by the legendary Cuban band, Buena Vista Social Club. Today, Kenn graciously shares with us the inspiration behind this captivating remix.


“Throughout my travels in South America this year, immersing myself in diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, I found myself profoundly moved by the beauty of my surroundings. In fact, the cover artwork of my track is inspired by one of the most beautiful places I have known during this trip, the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, this picture emanates the essence of my journeys in this warm and colorful continent. Beside that, I can say that ‘Chan Chan’ is one of the background soundtracks of my South American journey.


With this tech house twist version of ‘Chan Chan’, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of ‘Chan Chan’ through my own musical lens, offering listeners a glimpse into the emotions and inspirations that course through me when I’m touched by a song.”



As we conclude our feature on Kenn Colt’s transformative journey with “Chan Chan,” it’s evident that this track is more than a musical piece; it’s a bridge connecting the vibrant essence of South America to the global stage. Kenn’s tech house twist on this classic invites us to experience the profound impact of cultural exploration through music.

Follow the link to download Kenn Colt “Chan Chan” Remix and let the rhythms and melodies guide you to the heart of South America’s enchanting vibes.