Kenn Colt’s new single ‘Chan Chan’

In our February edition, we are excited to put the spotlight on one of our dearest clients, Kenn Colt, as he gears up for the release of his mesmerizing version of “Chan Chan,” an iconic piece by the legendary Cuban band, Buena Vista Social Club. Today, Kenn graciously shares with us the inspiration behind this […]

The Best AI Tools for 2024

  Extra, extra, read all about it… AI is changing the world and becoming a global superpower, just without the cape. And you don’t even need to be an elite Silicon Valley tech wizard to use them. With around 97% of phone users accessing AI-powered voice assistants, these tools are pretty much available to anyone. […]

Google Ads into your marketing strategy

  The Magic of Google Ads during the Holidays Or Any Special Dates In this blog post, we’ll delve into why integrating Google Ads into your marketing strategy is crucial, especially during the holiday season. And the best part? We’re offering an exclusive 25% discount on our services, coupled with a free consultation to uncover […]


Hello there, aspiring social media advertisers! If you’re just dipping your toes into the vibrant world of online promotion, fear not. We’ve got your back with a beginner-friendly guide to mastering social media advertising. Let’s make your journey smooth, effective, and, most importantly, enjoyable! 1. Define Your Objectives: Know Your North Star 🌟 Before diving […]

Branding: Easy Guide for beginners 

Branding:  Easy Guide for beginners  Branding is like a signature for your business, much more than a logo or catchy phrase. It’s how you introduce yourself, the emotions you spark, and the story you share. In this blog, we’ll explore branding, breaking it down into simple terms for beginners. What’s Branding, Really? A Business’s Heart […]

September Social Media Tips and Tricks for Marketing Success

Welcome back, fellow digital marketers! September has arrived, bringing with it new opportunities to shine on social media. As we transition from summer to fall, let’s harness the power of this vibrant season to boost our online presence and engage with our audience. In this month’s edition of our blog, we’ll dive into some invaluable […]